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Consulting Engineers,Nigeria

Pemas Engineers,Nigeria,consulting engineers,consulting mechanical electrical
consulting building services engineers,in engineering consulting services,sugar
cane factory milling plant and processing equipment operation engineers
consultant in
cane sugar manufacturing process,specializes in building services
project design of water piping installation steam usage energy efficient power
lighting systems,providing independent multi-discipline professional engineering
consulting service work to various clients with guaranteed best quality
engineering service performance in private,public,residential,commercial,
industrial building  project,as consulting engineers,consulting mechanical
electrical engineer services,sugar mill engineers,performing engineering
consulting service mechanical electrical activities,as detailed in our
Services provided by Pemas Engineers Nigeria,involving:

  •  Feasibility studies,planning,evaluation,appraisal report and advisory work.
  •  Design,specifications and contract documents preparation.
  •  Due process contract negotiation and appointment of contractors.
  •  Supervision of installation,erection,construction works and commissioning.
  •  Project management,monitoring,operations and maintenance.

to meet the needs of various clients,organizations and business enterprises.

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As consulting engineers services,Pemas Engineers,Nigeria,Professional Electrical
Mechanical Agricultural Structural (PEMAS) Engineers,practising as consulting  
electrical mechanical engineer services firm of planning,construction,supervision
engineers,in building services construction industry,sugar mill engineers
consultant,specializes in engineering consulting,handling hot and cold water
distribution piping systems,supervision of equipment performance,operation,
installation,monitoring and commissioning,maintenance of electrical components
and machinery of all kinds,management of agricultural machinery and  equipment
performance.The company specializes in supervision of erection and operation of
sugar cane factory manufacturing machinery and equipment,maintenance and
operation of steam boilers,steam turbines,turbo-alternators,power plants,diesel
generators,efficient use of heat,efficient energy conservation,efficient use of
insulation materials,on site electric power generation and distribution,steam
generation,supply and usage.Pemas Engineers consultants render expert advice
on power and steam balance requirements for efficient sugar processing

All our consulting mechanical electrical consulting engineering service work to
public,private,government organizations and individuals,deliverable by our well
trained highly skilled experienced competent professional consulting engineers
services,consulting mechanical electrical consulting building services engineers,
sugar cane factory milling plant and processing equipment operation engineers
consultant,building services project engineers services for steam piping
installations,gas piping installations,building services water piping installation
systems,steam usage generation and supply,equipment operational performance,
power lighting systems,building services refrigeration heating ventilation air
conditioning systems,are planned,designed for energy efficient solutions and
monitored to make the rendered services safe and comfortable.

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Pemas Engineers,consulting mechanical electrical consulting engineers services,
sugar production cane milling equipment engineer consultants,
specialize in providing contract documents preparation,design specifications,
supervision of water piping installation network system,reliable and functional
good plumbing works fire protection systems,steam supply pipelines network
systems,building services schemes,sugar cane factory milling plant and
processing equipment operational performance,efficient power lighting systems
design,building services heating ventilation air conditioning refrigeration systems,
lighting systems design drawings,fuel oil,gas,steam,water piping design drawings,
project management monitoring operations,infrastructure physical planning of
structural utilities,feasibility studies and reports.

Pemas Engineers,consulting engineer services,provide consulting mechanical
electrical planning design and supervision of domestic water supply and
distribution,functional plumbing works fire protection systems,electrical power
equipment installation lighting design systems,steam generation,steam supply
systems,power lighting equipment operation systems,solid waste disposal and
stormwater drainage systems,rendering electrical mechanical professional advice
for building heating ventilation air conditioning,energy efficient power
conservation,efficient use of insulation materials,effective cold room performance,
effective effluent disposal,solving environmental protection pollution problems,fire
detection and protection equipment,efficient energy usage,steam and gas
distribution systems for various clients,organizations and business enterprises.

In the industrial sector,Pemas Engineers,Nigeria,consulting electrical mechanical
consulting engineers services,provide independent technical advice on cane
sugar manufacturing equipment facilities and factory machinery and equipment
facility layout,cane sugar milling plant and processing equipment operational
management for effective factory performance,as process engineer.The firm also
as sugar cane factory manufacturing equipment operation and installation
consulting engineer services,provide engineering consulting service activities in
sugar cane factory machinery specification,erection,contract document
preparation,due process contract negotiation and appointment of contractors,
effective sugar factory manufacturing operational standard of water piping
distribution layout,hot and cold water piping distribution systems,factory waste
effluent disposal,stormwater drainage,steam generated hot water for sugar
processing machines,power and steam balance requirements to process sugar
efficiently in the factory.Our firm can competently advise on factory operations
and maintenance of steam power plant,steam boiler plant,agricultural machinery
equipment,based on our knowledge and appropriate management skills for
effective monitoring,coordination of sugar production processing activities to
improve operations and factory performance efficiencies.

Pemas Engineers Nigeria,engineering consulting services firm,with the expertise
of well trained experienced knowledgeable competent consulting electrical
consulting mechanical engineers services,provide appropriate planning for water
usage management,steam for efficient power producing machines like steam
turbines,gas turbines and efficient power using machines like refrigeration
heating ventilation air conditioning equipment,efficient power lighting systems,
building and industrial equipment installation,project management and building
services project commissioning supervision,site evaluation report,project
appraisal reports on scheme processes,including infrastructure physical planning
of structural facilities and utilities to meet the required regulatory standard codes
for various types of projects and building functionality with guaranteed
performance,competence and technical excellence to satisfy the requirements of
various organizations.

As technical liaison between the structural engineers,clients,architects and
quantity surveyors,and other related professionals in building engineering
consulting service industry,the firm,whose services include all aspects of design,
specifications,installation,operation,monitoring and commissioning of engineering
consulting services activities,mechanical,electrical,structural,plumbing,heating,
ventilation and air conditioning systems in public buildings,private buildings,
residential buildings,commercial buildings,as consulting mechanical electrical
consulting engineers services,ensure that the building services planning,
feasibility studies reports,construction design drawings,appraisal reports,design
specifications,appointment of contractors,contract document preparation
procedure,follow due processes as required for building services equipment
operation,lighting design systems,steam production and supply,domestic gas
distribution pipeline,water distribution piping systems,lighting design distribution
system,are well coordinated and fully integrated with other systems to comply with
relevant codes and regulatory standards,using specialist computer aided design
softwares and other resources to meet the required objectives,needs,targeted
goals of domestic,public,private,commercial,business enterprises,government
organizations,individual clients and building occupants,within the budget and time

Pemas Engineers Nigeria,engineering consulting services firm of consulting
mechanical electrical consulting engineers services,provide project
implementation strategies,construction,erection,monitoring and commissioning,
planning of lighting design specifications,feasibility studies,advisory work,
supervision of building ventilation system equipment operation,refrigeration
heating ventilation air conditioning,interior lighting design installation,exterior
lighting installation,on site power supply and distribution systems,steam
generation,hot and cold water piping installation services,storm water drainage,
solid waste disposal,fire protection,electricity and electrical schemes as
necessary to produce the best quality professional engineering consulting
services work for public,private,commercial,institutions and government

Pemas Engineers Nigeria,engineering consulting mechanical electrical consulting
engineers services,provide general consultations,recommendations,advisory
work,independent consultancy expert advice associated with project development,
project management,equipment installation supervision,planning and
implementation,feasibility studies,appointment of contractors,contract documents
preparation,review of construction design drawings,tender evaluation reports,
appraisal report,due diligence reports,mechanical electrical engineering aspect of
building project construction management,monitoring,supervision of project
construction,on site erection of power plants and equipment installation activities,
inspection of engineering schemes and facilities,to meet the needs of various
clients.The company ensures the proper handling of construction management,
supervision of equipment installation commissioning,including infrastructure
structural facilities in schools,universities,towns,villages,recreation centers,
theaters,hotels,factories,for various public,private organizations such as
communities,institutions,towns,universities and villages.

Pemas Engineers Nigeria employs specialist consultants or other related
professional engineering services firms,or work as a consortium,as the case may
be,to perform specialist functions on specific assignments to supplement our staff
in meeting the project requirements

The extensive experience and expertise of the Managing Director of Pemas
Engineers Nigeria Ltd,Engr.J.O.Obayomi,a member of many competent
Registered Professional Associations,a former Chief engineer of
Nigerian Sugar Company,Bacita and a former Director of Physical Planning,
University of Ilorin,Nigeria,is an asset to the professional competence of the firm
to handle the aspects of work contained in our
Summarized Brochure to your

Aside practising to international standards as engineering consulting services firm
of consulting electrical mechanical consulting engineers services,other areas of
company activities include general management,business,buying,selling and

Pemas Engineers Ltd,Nigeria,a company Registered in Nigeria in 1985,is
currently based at 1,Okedaba Street,Gaa-Akanbi,Ilorin,Kwara State,Nigeria with
all the resources and facilities readily available and suitable for Nigerian and
international environment.Distance is no barrier worldwide to guaranteeing you
technical performance to meet your organizations needs to your satisfaction.The
company,as consulting engineers,consulting mechanical electrical consulting
engineers services,sugar cane factory milling plant and  processing equipment
operations performance engineers technical adviser,consulting building services
engineers,is always online to provide the best quality engineering consulting
service work,electrical mechanical to meet your targeted goals.

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